The Steps to Recovery from Chronic pelvic Pain and Hard Flaccid


Here you will learn the basic steps to regaining control of your mind and body understanding the basic steps that will give you the knowledge and power to fix your hard flaccid.

Now firstly I have to say I am just a man who suffered and spent years trying to figure everything out to get better. After many dead ends and lots of trial and error, the following information I am presenting to you is the filtered core principles that I found actually worked. It was not quick it was not easy but by really learning the following information and putting everything into practice you will develop the skill to go out and fix yourself.

The sad truth is no one can help us. The only person that can help us …. Is ourselves

Ok, so I’m no physio, I’m no athlete, again just a guy who unhealthy, overweight and of course who was suffering from Hard Flaccid and Chronic Pelvic Pain.I am now no longer any of those things and here’s how I did it.

We have to take control, take control of our mind, take control of our bodies, take control of our health, take control of our lives, take control of our recovery

This is the only option we have

Doctors can’t help us

Urologists can’t help us

Physiotherapists can’t help us

Councillors and shrinks can’t help us

Pelvic floor specialist cant help us

Chiropractors can’t help us


The only person who can fix you is you. No one else only you. You may feel depressed, lonely, overwhelmed as though you don’t want to go on but we have to build you back up, teach you the knowledge and skills to fix yourself.

The Problem

The problem is no one does know how to fix themselves, no one does have a concrete method of guaranteed healing. I’m honestly not saying I am the all-seeing eye. But by learning and following the information on this site I hope I can save you all the time and effort I spent on things that didn’t work.

I hope these steps help you learn from my mistakes and cut through all the waste of time.

Hard flaccid is simply a lot of muscle tension in the groin and associated areas like abs, thighs, back, hips, glutes.

To simplify the common sense approach to what I am saying all you are simply going to do is learn about how the body works and how muscle tension forms. Then you will learn how to get rid of tension through various education, motivation, movement, strengthening and stretching techniques.

Your just looking at having to retrain your body to get the tension out of it. It takes a lot of learning, a lot of practice and a lot of hard work but if you do all that you will fix yourself.

No one can do it for you only you have the power to do it yourself

Step One - Regaining control of your health and life - Becoming Stoic

Here you are going to regain control of your mind, your health and your motivation. You are going to become Stoic. You are going to step out of the old you, the you that is in pain, the you that has no motivation and lust for life. You are going to regain control of your body, you life, your outlook and your mind. Through gaining basic health through diet and exercise, increasing your knowledge through education, learning new skills through practice, going out of your comfort zone through breathing techniques and cold therapy and learning how to fight on your own by being stoic.

I have been there myself I was at rock bottom, I could hardly get up in the morning let alone spend day after day retraining myself in the hope of getting better. I was fat, overweight, unhealthy, a sizeable cocaine habit, a business where I employ 20 people taking up all my time. How could I focus? how could I get myself in the mindset for recovery? I was isolated, depressed, I just wanted it all to stop and to have my old life and body back.

I went to see every specialist I could, I took antibiotics for months, I got my groin electrocuted in the hope it would go back to normal. I just wanted a quick fix that would make it go away.

Two years past and no change and the sad truth was I was on my own, it was down to me and no one else was going to help me. So how did I get my motivation? How did I create the mindset to beat this condition, giving me the strength to carry fight?

In step one I will share the things that I used to regain control of myself and my mind.

I’m not actually a great fan of meditation (it gives me to my time to think). I’m much more a fan of Stoic meditation which is more a set of positive affirmation that you will say to yourself. So instead of dwelling in your mind, you spend a few minutes reaffirming positive beliefs and then get down to work. 

  1. Diet and weight loss
  2. Getting active and basic health
  3. Increase knowledge through reading and education
  4. Learning of new skills (I learnt the piano)
  5. Special breathing techniques such as Wimhoff, Buteyko and Taoism
  6. Cold Therapy
  7. Grounding in Nature
  8. Learning to enjoy your own company
  9. Learn to be Stoic 
  10. Stoic meditations for mental strength 

Building the foundations for Success

This is ground zero, the groundwork, the foundations that you will now build upon, this is taking you from zero to a man ready to fight and over come living in Chronic Pain

Step 2 - Learning about the body, Fascia and Connective Tissue

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Building basic Strength

Stretching the body without some basic strength does not work. Muscles need to be strong in order to lengthen, if you have been sat on the sofa or lying in bed with this condition then now is your time to build some strength. You do not need to be a gym head just have enough strength in your body to be able to be physically active.

Firstly we need to build basic strength and get in some sort of shape. If your over weight and totally out of shape this step may take you some time, minimum three months but maybe longer. If your already physically fit you just need to change your training style to retrain your muscles.

We need to eccentrically retrain our muscles using isometric and eccentric training. If you are used to the gym think of the negative part of the movement. Arnold Swazzeneger used negative weight training as his secret weapon. He knew back then that it did something good to his muscles, it make them bigger, more flexible and stronger. This is exactly we want to do with you.

If your out of shape, maybe overweight, unfit, immobile, bad posture, no real strength. These basic moves will help you get some control across your whole body.

If you train hard go back to basics, youve been overloading your body, get to focusing on control over pure power.

What is an isometric contraction?

Isometric exercise or isometrics are a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction (compared to concentric or eccentric contractions, called dynamic/isotonic movements). Isometrics are done in static positions, rather than being dynamic through a range of motion.

What are eccentric contractions

Eccentric contractions normally occur as a braking force in opposition to a concentric contraction to protect joints from damage. During virtually any routine movement, eccentric contractions assist in keeping motions smooth, but can also slow rapid movements such as a punch or throw. Part of training for rapid movements such as pitching during baseball involves reducing eccentric braking allowing a greater power to be developed throughout the movement.

Eccentric contractions are being researched for their ability to speed rehabilitation of weak or injured tendons. Achilles tendinitis and patellar tendonitis (also known as jumper’s knee or patellar tendonosis) have been shown to benefit from high-load eccentric contractions.

Understanding Movement

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Now you have to start to try to understand your body better, understand how you can and cont move,  discover your range of motions. We are always told to do yoga, I could never get on with yoga, I didn’t really enjoy it and I never found any real improvements. Then I started to learn about movement training. Now trust me I am still terrible at it, this stuff is hard.

People always talk about posture and they have anterior pelvic tilt or a tight hamstring but if you are like me I never really knew what that actually meant. Normally you will be told to do one exercise that will fix your posture. However, that is not reality. Instead to fix your chronic pelvic pain and hard flaccid we are going to use movement training. Try to learn to move in your body, to understand what you can and can not do. To understand your weaknesses in your range of motion. 

Its also fun!