Recover from Hard Flaccid and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

I have set this website up to detail how I recovered from Hard Flaccid and Chronic Pelvic Pain. So if you have spent weeks, months or like me years struggling with hard flaccid, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction. There is an answer, it is not all in you’re mind and I really hope the information below can help you.

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Hi, welcome to my blog. I’m Greg and I have set this up after finally beating this condition that’s known as chronic pelvic pain, hard flaccid part of the umbrella term pelvic floor dysfunction. I lived with hard flaccid for four years from the ages of 35-39.

I want to explain how hard flaccid is not just to do with the pelvic floor and penis but also tightness and weaknesses in all other surrounding muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes, adductors, abs, psoas, hip flexors, quads and maybe more throughout the body.

That the secret to fixing hard flaccid is to stop looking at the body as separate parts, focusing solely on the pelvic floor and instead look at the body as a whole. Identifying you’re body’s tightness and weaknesses then strengthening and lengthening these muscles, removing tension out of not only the pelvic floor but as much of your body as possible

The pelvic floor is a very small muscle and not attached to any joint, rather sandwiched between many other prime movers such as hips, glutes, psoas. So by working on and fixing these larger stronger muscles, strengthening them and realigning them this, in turn, pulls your pelvic floor back to neutral removing tension from the area.

After two years of ridiculously hard work reprogramming my mindset then physically training and changing my body,  I have made a full 100% recovery from chronic pelvic pain and hard flaccid.

There are no real answers for hard flaccid anywhere on the internet apart from faceless forums and the odd blog post. I searched for years for the answer and by the time you finish reading this post I hope I can give you a much better understanding of what is actually happening to you and your body.

Learn How to Cure your Hard Flaccid

Join the new method of fixing your Hard Flaccid and Chronic Pelvic Pain using DCT and Resistance Stretching

Introducing myself and my Story


You may first want to watch a short video of me introducing myself and explaining what had happened to me. I feel it is very important to stand up and show my face. I am not some shady faceless website. I’m just a normal guy who spent the past four years in absolute hell.

I am not a doctor, I am not a physio, I am not a specialist although I am pretty confident I know more about this condition and what you need to do to fix it.

Nothing doctors, urologists or physiotherapists could do for me would help. After realising nothing anyone was telling me was working I came to the stark realisation I was on my own. So what I am going to tell you is something completely different.

I want to give you a whole new way of looking at your hard flaccid and your whole body in general.

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What you will Learn

  • You will learn that the real solution to hard flaccid lies within the interconnectivity of all muscles in the entire body through connective muscle tissue and not just the pelvic floor.
  • You will learn how the body is more like a wet suit of flesh wrapped around bones in one big lump, not just individual isolated parts all working together through connective tissue called fascia. This includes the groin and penis, in fact, the penis is all fascia.
  • You will learn that you did not cause this through anxiety. 
  • You will learn that this is not all in your mind 
  • You will learn why traditional forms of pelvic floor physiotherapy have almost 0% chance of working (maybe it will) if you have a very mild case, but I doubt it.
  • You will learn that all hard flaccid is, is a form of muscle tension in the groin and associated areas such as the stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs and back.
  • You will learn the real solution is to eccentrically strengthen and lengthen all muscles throughout your hips, legs, abdominals and maybe shoulders and neck (if you’re as bad as I was)

The Simple Answer 

That the simple answer is you have built up too much tension in the hips, groin, stomach which has tightened up the connective tissue causing all muscles to be in a permanent state of tension and contraction. That the real answer is to pull the tension out using a specific method to both strengthen and lengthen muscles.

The reason why traditional flexibility methods such as yoga do not help hard flaccid stufferers is that it is only lengthening muscles whereas you need to strengthen them at the same time.

What Hard Flaccid is Not

  • Hard flaccid has nothing to do with your mind, all the relaxing and meditation in the world will not get rid of this.
  • Hard flaccid has absolutely nothing to do with trigger points. In fact, just so you know trigger points do not even exist there are zero scientific studies that actually prove this concept. Although its great for selling massage products!
  • Hard flaccid has nothing to do with your diet (don’t get me wrong you need to eat good healthy low inflammatory food and McDonalds and junk food won’t help but they are not the cause of your hard flaccid
  • Hard flaccid is not because you watched too much internet porn (although I did believe this was the reason myself for a very long time and to a certain extent it plays a supporting role which I will explain later). So although NOFAP will help its pretty unlikely it will cure your hard flaccid and chronic pelvic pain.
  • Hard flaccid is not because you were jelking or penis enlargement (I never did this at all and I know others who didn’t either and we still got hard flaccid) although if you did do this it probably plays a role in you developing hard flaccid it wasn’t the only reason. There is more going on in your body that is the underlying cause of hard flaccid. Jelking and penis extending only tipped your body over the edge.
  • Hard flaccid is not solely to do with tension in the pelvic floor. Yes, there is tension there but no amount of reverse kegals will get rid of hard flaccid. You will be there for the rest of your life doing them and unless you have an extremely slight case of it they will not do a thing.
  • Hard flaccid is not due to nerve damage and you do not need surgery.
  • Hard flaccid is nothing to do with your prostate so you do not need to spend lots of money on supplements like horny goat weed, magnesium or any other prostate health supplements.

Take Action

By firstly working on your mental outlook to create drive, focus and a zest for regaining your life back you can believe you will be healthy again.

Then working on your general physical health to regain strength and energy.

Finally learning and employing specifically designed training techniques to remove muscle tension, you can make a 100% recovery.

This is no quick fix, this is about learning how to take control over you’re own health and you’re own recovery into you’re own hands. Learning the knowledge, tools and techniques to go out and fight this thing with all your strength.

Who get’s Chronic Pelvic Pain and Hard Flaccid

Many many, many men experience problems in their groins, prostates, testicles. I think the statistic is about 1/3rd of all men (so a lot). However, not everyone gets hard flaccid, chronic pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction and alike.

So why us?

We all probably start self-loathing thoughts along the lines of  “Why has this happened to me? What did I do to deserve this? Why did I not look after myself, why did I do XYZ to cause this happening? Is it because I’m stressed, is it because of my anxiety? Did I watch too much internet porn? did I injure myself? Will I ever get my life back? Will it ever go back to normal.

All these thoughts and questions buzzing around your mind are normal.

Similar Traits

Let me put your mind at rest it is not one particular thing you have done that has caused this inside your body instead, it’s just an accumulation of unlucky breaks and circumstances that have built up over time.

Many men with this condition have had very active childhood such as climbing trees, playing football, sports, training hard in the gym all seem to be at high risk of developing these issues. Also, people like myself who may have partied a little too hard in their youth and burnt out their bodies. Or other men who have done too little exercise and maybe overweight and unhealthy in general.

Over the years all these different lifestyles affect our bodies, we sit in cars, work bent over desks, our posture changes, our muscles tighten up, our backs start to hurt, our shoulders become less mobile, our legs ache, the list can go on and on. But all these changes are so minute happening over such a long time so we just put up with them.

Then one day it hits us in our groins and that is something we just simply can not put up with.

If you are younger around your 20’s then I think it will be a lot quicker for you to recover. You are young you’re body hasn’t had that much time to tighten up too much yet. If you work hard and focus for a while you will beat this.

If like me your older around your forties this could be a bit harder for you to beat and if you’re around your sixties it will get harder still. This is just an unfortunate fact of life. We have to mentally deal with that and adjust accordingly.

But if you really want your life back as I did you just put the work in and you will eventually do it.

Symptoms you might be experiencing

  • Pain in the groin
  • Numbness of glands
  • Numbness of penis
  • Shortening of penis 
  • Shortening of erections
  • Pain in the testicles
  • Pain in the Penis
  • Pain in the Prostate
  • Pain in the coccyx
  • Increased or decreased urinary frequency
  • Burning while urinating
  • Sensory changing from mind to groin connection
  • The groin bending to different sides
  • Coldness and shrivelled groin
  • The dreaded hard feeling in the penis
  • Texture changes
  • Rashes or red skin
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low sex drive

Do not worry I had them all and a lot more for nearly four years but I have got rid of all of them now

Other Symptoms

  • Bad Back
  • Tight Hamstrings
  • Painful knees and ankles
  • Inmobile shoulders
  • Stiff and painful necks
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw ache and teeth grinding
  • IBS Symptoms
  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Problem with toilet habits
  • Anxiety
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Dry itchy and Rashy skin
  • Autoimmune disease symptoms
  • Heavy perspiration and sweats
  • Lethargic and low in energy

Hard flaccid is a 100% physical issue

Yes hard flaccid is a 100% physical issue that can be fixed with a lot of hard work.

It was not all in my mind at all, I just had a knackered body. My hamstrings and adductors were tight, my glutes were weak, my stomach tense these all played havoc on my old boy. I fixed these and life rushed back into my groin once more. 

My Story 

I was 34/35 years old, living in central London, England. At that point in my life, I had just come out of a long term relationship, I was going out loads, drinking too much, partying too much, was overweight, taking to many substances I shouldn’t have been and one day bam my life changed overnight. To explain fully I have to also tell you this wasn’t the first time it had happened to me in my life.

The first time I got Hard Flaccid

I was 21 or 22 years old at the time but it only lasted for a week or two and then went back to normal.

The second time I got Hard Flaccid

The second time I had hard flaccid was about 26/27. But this time it came on with worse symptom and didn’t go back to normal in a week or so like the first time. This time I went to doctors in pieces, then onto urologists to be laughed at.

At that time 2006, there was nothing on the internet about this at all. At that point in my life, it was a life changing experience. I went through all the hard flaccid symptoms. The complete loss of connection from my brain to my groin sometimes it was shrivelled retracted and a hard penis the other times a rubbery floppy dead penis.

I lost all ability to get any sort of erection, it was just this dead lifeless painful thing in between my legs. At the time I blamed internet porn (Id just split up and was miserable at home watching too much porn!) So I completely stopped any sort of porn of masturbation for a good few months.

Then one day probably after about 6 months it just disappeared overnight almost as quickly as it had appeared. So great in my mind I had got my answer. I must have been overdoing the porn and masturbation and I just needed to rest my system and it went back to normal.

So I got on living my life. 

Then slowly over the next 10 years, old habits crept back, I had almost completely forgotten about the Hard Flaccid I had had 10 years ago. I was partying, living life back to my old way and bang.

The third time I got hard flaccid in my life.

So fast forward 10 years and it happens again. So I think right I’ve done this before don’t panic. I just need to stop porn, stop masturbating for a few months, rest my body and everything will be fine. So I did, however, 6 months later no improvement, 1 year later no improvement, then 2 years and now I’m severely worried.

I can’t get an erection, can’t have sex, can’t even masturbate as it makes it worse. I have this dead, painful, strange alien object between my legs and its not changing just getting worse.

Depression has really set in now, I’m isolated at home, withdrawn from life, the world is nothing but grey, every night laying on my sofa alone scared this nightmare will never end, will I have to live the rest of my life like this? why me? why the fuck has this happened to me?

I tried everything on all the forums.

I was trying to get on with my life and just forget it (but how the can you forget it? I now personally feel that’s a load of rubbish advice….  you can’t just forget about it. How are you supposed to forget you once had a penis that worked properly and now have this embarrassing painful thing in between your legs, how can you forget being with a woman in a truly comfortable sense and not panicking about your painful penis?

It was there with me constantly 24/7 every day, that constant strange feeling in my groin, the numbness, the pain, the loss of erections, the depression, the depression.


It is totally fine to be depressed with this condition and just accept the fact you are depressed because of it. Don’t blame yourself who wouldn’t be depressed if they had this. It’s not anxiety of depression that causes this, it’s this that causes anxiety and depression. What we need to do is get your body sorted and you will get your life back as I have.

As you will have read I think I have had this condition since about the age of 20 and I’m now 40. So I could guess I’ve had this condition 20 years (half my life) I also think from what I learnt going through the whole fixing process its been growing inside me since I was was a teenager.

What I tried to beat Chronic Pelvic Pain 

  • I got looked at like I was a freak by doctors
  • I got brushed off by multiple Urologists
  • I spent 6 months on Cipro (waste of time)
  • I changed my diet, I fasted, I went vegan, cut carbs
  • I went to pelvic floor specialist to be told it was all in my mind and to relax
  • I spent every day all day doing reverse kegals and deep breathing
  • I tried to find my chi and mediate my life away
  • I even paid £3000 for electro therapy that was apparently meant to grow back muscle tissue in my penis lol …. Snake Oil!!!
  • I went to physios who told me to insert a therawand into my backside and press on painful areas. If someone tells you to put a wand up your bottom you should tell them where they can shove it. If a physio wants to put their finger up your backside just walk out the door now and never return. It is not only embarrassing, but it is also uncomfortable and does absolutely nothing to change the muscle tissue in your hips.
  • I went to acupuncture which I quite like myself but it doesn’t do anything at all to fix this
  • I had tried every massage and manual therapy there is, I do love a massage but none of that stuff will do anything to fix you. Nice to relax though but nothing more
  • I used tens units to electrocute myself
  • I paid thousands to private clinics to help treat me


Does this sound very similar to your own situation? Have you tried all the above and many more things you have read on the internet?

Learn How to Cure your Hard Flaccid

Join the new method of fixing your Hard Flaccid and Chronic Pelvic Pain using DCT and Resistance Stretching


First of all, we need you to understand that although yes it is tension in the pelvic floor and penis, these are not the main drivers. There is tightness and tension going right through the body. With the main drivers being the abdominals, psoas, adductors and glutes. This is the reason my kegals and deep breathing really does not do anything to fix hard flaccid. The whole body works together and just by focusing on the pelvic floor and associated muscles alone will not fix hard flaccid.

How we now understand muscles Work

As science and research have progressed we have come to understand that the body is made up of just really one big lump of meat wrapped around your skeleton all working as one, not lots of little parts working individually. In classrooms and videos, we see skeletons glued together in a fixed position and talk about separate muscles like a bicep, a tricep, hamstring, pelvic floor.

But in reality, our bones just float in a lump of meat held together by connective tissue. So the pelvic floor isn’t actually a separate muscle you can relax just by mediating or massaging, you cant just release “trigger points” especially not just by pressing on them. The pelvic floor is a muscle working in unison with the rest of your body.

When you think about your body, your abdominals, you glutes, your hamstrings are all strong powerful muscles. Much more powerful than your penis, so logically it makes sense to focus on these muscles and release the tension in them.

Bucks Fascia the Fascia in the Penis and Groin

After watching the above documentaries you will now understand all about fascia, its importance in the body and how its all connected in interconnective tissue and autonomy chains.

Now you can meet Bucks fascia which is the fascia of the penis. See how in the real pictures it is the yellowy coloured membrane that covers not only the penis but the entire body? Using the autonomy chains model you can understand how tension in one part of the body may originate from a completely different part of the body through the muscle and fascia chain.

With that in mind, it is then easy to understand how by just focusing on the groin and pelvic floor you may not be addressing the route of the problem and instead need to look deeper and further to find the solution.

The Fascial system permeates throughout the entire body through connective tissue. Connecting muscles (including groin and penis), ligaments, tendons, bones (including your hips and sacrum) and your organs (including your prostate and testicles)

As you can see on the 4th picture it explains how it lines the deep pelvic aspect of the muscles forming the walls of the floor of the pelvis. Covering the surfaces of the obturator internus, piriformis, coccygeus, levator ani and part of the urethral sphincter muscles. As this explains it connects all these muscles together as one. However, this then spread further afield into the hamstrings, adductors, glutes, abs all connecting. 

Its sort of a running joke within the DCT community that every pelvic floor physio tells people that their obturator internus muscle is tight (of course its tight or you wouldn’t have any issues). But its such a small muscle is physically impossible for just this one muscle to be tight. What’s making it tight? This one small muscle does not just tighten up on it’s own. It will generally be driven by the larger more powerful muscles in the legs such as hamstrings and adductors. 

The whole secret to fixing hard flaccid is to strengthen all of these muscles and stretch up the tight fascia and connective tissue. 

This is Where I discovered David Mccoid and Freedom from Pelvic Pain 

Freedom from Pelvic Pain

This is the part of my story where I met David McCoid, you can watch an interview of me talking through my recovery when it had happened. This was an amazing time for me and I was so happy to of got my life back.

David is pretty much like the rest of us a pelvic pain sufferer for many many years. Like us he tried doctors, then urologists, then pelvic pain specialists, then he was so desperate he had pudendal nerve surgery, but not just once! In total, he had three pudendal nerve surgery’s.

The photos of these surgeries look horrifically painful to me and I am sure they were. After all of this David was still in pain. This is where he went out and discovered the link between the connective tissue and pelvic pain.

With out the knowledge I gained from David I do not think I would be here now, I would still most likely be suffering in chronic pain with hard flaccid.

What is Eccentric Training and Negative Reps

Eccentric training was first really used by Arnold Schwarzenegger doing negative bench presses and squats. Back then they could not explain exactly what it was doing but he knew it did something good to the muscles.

What is Resistance Stretching

Resistance stretching is contracting and lengthening the muscle at the same time, something you were never told to do. You understand in strength training you use a weight contracting a muscle while shortening it to help it grow, think a bicep curl. This is the same but the opposite way around, you do it while lengthening the muscle to relieve the tension and create greater flexibility.

What is DCT

Dynamic Contraction Technique (DCT) is a form of muscle training specifically designed to release tension in muscles and fascia using all forms of muscle contractions and resistance stretches. It uses concentric contractions to strengthen, isometric holds to stabilise and weighted eccentric movements to lengthen.  In doing so it releases fascia and muscle tension.

How did I use this Knowledge to beat Hard Flaccid and Chronic Pelvic Pain

Now you understand the theory and method this is where the difficult part comes in. Most of us won’t be in touch with our bodies, we won’t be highly motivated with a positive outlook, we won’t be super strong and flexible, we won’t feel like we can beat this, we don’t currently understand how our whole bodies connect and work together.

None of us will really understand what we are doing. Like me, you will of probably tried normal stretching and pelvic floor physio without joy. You won’t understand what it is your trying to change.

 Over the past two years, I have used the principles and exercises of David McCoid while learning, growing, improving and developing myself to master my mindset and repair my body. These include.

  • Working on the core principles and exercises I learnt from DCT about how to create healthy muscles tissue.
  • Adding in full body resistance stretching
  • Using weights and loads at the gym to eccentrically train my body
  • Leaning movement training and how the body should move through methods such as animal flow and callisthenics
  • Testing myself in movements such as boxing and martial arts.

The Steps to Fixing Hard Flaccid, Erectile Dysfunction and Chronic Pelvic Pain 

Learning all of the above to beat chronic pelvic pain and hard flaccid took four years of my life. Totally consumed me as I wanted to regain control over my life. I made many many mistakes. I did things that made it even worse or other things that were a total waste of time.

Over the following months and year of 2019, I plan to document everything that worked and helped me get better. In the hope that the rest of you can learn from this and what took me four years may help you take a lot less.

The Full Body Training System to beat Hard Flaccid Step by Step

Going through this process you are looking at learning and developing techniques from basic day to day brain training such to keep your mental focus and a positive. 

You will then look to absorb as much theory on anatomy and human biology as possible, so you are aware of what is under your skin.

Then the training begins.

Starting slowly learning a specific way to train and stretch your body. Over the following months and for some people years through constant training and progression you will take control of your own recovery learning how you can fix yourself.

  1. Regain control of your mind and motivation
  2. Understand the theory and context 
  3. Improve general overall health
  4. Learn how to get in touch with your mind and body
  5. Start strength building using specific isometric and negative training techniques
  6. Learn full body resistance stretching
  7. Highly target hip and abdominal tension release using DCT
  8. Incorporate movement training to understand you’re body
  9. Add more loads and weights to you training to increase strength
  10. Keep adding more loads 

Join Freedom from Pelvic Pain

Join the new method of fixing your Hard Flaccid and Chronic Pelvic Pain using DCT and Resistance Stretching

Don’t Suffer Alone The Freedom from Pelvic Pain Facebook Community 

We all know what its like to be alone with this condition. Bounced around from doctor to urologist to pelvic floor physio, to specialist. Not being believed, being looked at like your crazy, that its all in your mind and all you need to do is relax! We understand exactly what you are going through and so does everyone else in our community. 

Do not suffer alone

When you Join Freedom from Pelvic Pains DCT Resistance Stretching Course you join a community of brothers all working to fight this condition. Just take a look at some of the comments in the forum. Once you are a member of this community you are no longer alone. You’re a part of a group of people who understand what you are going through and support each other in recovery.

As well as ongoing support from other guys suffering like you David and myself are always on hand to help with fixing different problems and giving advice.